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Acu-Gage Acu-Gage Systems manufactures a high-accuracy bridge design coordinate measuring machine, that is robust, long lasting, and capable of field upgrade due to its small footprint and modular design.
adit electron tubes
ADIT Electron Tubes manufactures and supplies the long established Electron Tubes brand of photomultipliers that were previously made by EMI Electronics, Thorn EMI Electronics and Electron Tubes Ltd. A major international supplier of low light detection devices and systems, with experience in a wide range of different photomultiplier applications worldwide.
AdvanSid - Advanced Silicon Detector offer new platforms for X-ray imaging with low cost, using cutting-edge solution from their network of partners. They provide product customization, technical support, and mass production for their primary product: silicon radiation detectors technology. The company was founded in June 2010 after 15 years of experience in R&D at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy. Their main shareholderse are Technix and A-Innotech.
APC American Photonics Specializes in high power CO2 optics, coatings and laser replacement parts which are compatible with the OEM marketplace. APC does not rely on outsourcing and control the manufacturing process and therefore are able to maintain the strictest of tolerances.
adit electron tubes
ASTER Technologies is the premiere solution for Board-Level Testability analysis tool. The company has a wide range of products dealing with PCB Testability, Viewing and Quality Management. Clients see improve product yield from design through to production.
Epner Technology
EPNER TECHNOLOGY - Producers of high quality infrared and electronics gold plating. Our plating processes are used in everything from the medical and electronics industries to space exploration to Mars.
Ferson Optics
FERSON OPTICS - Ferson Optics operates out of a 46,000+ sq. foot facility, which has been optimized for the fabrication of high quality optical components. We can completely manufacture an optical component or optical assembly from raw materials to a finished product.
Hellma Optics
Hellma Optics is Hellma's subsidiary specializing in the manufacturing of cylindrical, toric and plano-optical components. Founded in 1922 in Müllheim, southern Germany, Hellma produces a wide range of products including special optics, optical filter glass, polarization optics (retarder plates) and custom made products from various type of optical glass, including those from various crystals, as well as cells manufactured from various types of optical glass, quartz glass and special materials.
Hobite makes Grin Lens Gradient Index (GRIN) lenses. It has a radially varying index of refraction which causes an optical ray to follow a sinusoidal propagation path through the lens. GRIN lenses are easy to handle and integrate into optical systems. Typical applications include coupling the output of diode lasers into fibers, focusing laser light onto a detector, or collimating laser light.
Hunting Titan International
Hunting Titan International is the maker of Loggin Gamma Ray Tools, built using Hamamatsu photomultiplier tubes and Hunting patented shock protection techniques, ideal for cased hole or open hole logging, and for loggin radioactive mineral, tracer, gamma, temperature and pressure.
Made by Intlvac
IntlVac is a leader in manufacturing of high vacuum equipment for thin film coating and etching. Their in-house development lab designs, engineers and manufactures machinery used for Physical Vapor Deposition and ion beam etching. Intlvac Thin Film has become an authority in reactive sputter systems for precision optical coating with their Ion Beam Etch/Sputter systems.
Kinheng Crystal Corporation
Kinheng Crystal specializes in scintillator materials growth and applications. The company provides all series scintillators to meet different applications including nuclear radiation detection, medical imaging, high energy physics and university education programs. Kinheng provides customization of materials upon request.
KiwiStar Optics
KiwiStar Optics has been helping astronomers create precision optics for 40 years. The company specialize in tight tolerance lens elements up to the largest possible blank sizes. Some of the largest telescope lenses ever made come from KiwiStar Optics. The company focuses on civilian astronomical projects, but have also successfully completed work in instrumentation, defence and surveillance.
Lux Imprint
Luximprint - offers additive fabrication services for smoothly printed decorative plastics, molds, tools, patterned surfaces and textures, and other uses in art and industrial lighting. The company also offers design, prototyping, and product sampling for startups and a wide range of projects. Follow the link to see some inspirations and galleries from the company website.
Mathews Optical Works, Inc.
MATHEWS OPTICAL WORKS, INC. - Mathews Optical, specialists in aspheric lens fabrication, has made a continuing commitment to provide the highest quality, cost-effective custom aspheric lens components in both prototype and production quantities. We manufacture the finest aspheric lenses available and our continued goal is to create a balance of efficiency, affordability and accuracy in every optical component we manufacture.
Diverse Optics
New England Photoconductor developed IR detectors for a wide ranges of applications ranging from gas analyzers to satellites since 1973. They are the leader in bringing low cost manufacturing to Spectroscopy and Imaging markets. Applications including Environmental Testing, Process Control, Medical and Aerospace, N.E.P technical staff having over 100 years of experience in IR Detector design and manufacturing.
Optoi was founded in 1995 from one of the first Bruno Kessler Foundation spin-offs. Through strength in relationships and targeted acquisitions, the group has become an innovative powerhouse in optical microelectronic components and smart optoelectronic sensor design and manufacturing. Optoi has accredited research and production in aerospace devices for European Space Agency, biomedical field, and other green technologies sensors. Optoi help design, manage the engineering aspect, and carry out the production process, all in house.
Precision Glass & Optics supplies high quality precision glass, optics, and thin film optical coatings. Best for precision commercial applications, PGO has full in house glass inventory and fabrication services.
Spectral Systems
Spectral Systems offers precise infrared optical components, coatings, systems integration and services from original concept through final production. Spectral Systems have the most comprehensive capabilities to provide optical solutions for the entire infrared range. The company fully design, manufactures, as well as prototyping, sub-system assembly and testing.
ThinFilms Inc
THINFILMS INC - Uniquely qualified to be THE SOURCE for all of your thin film needs. Our core business continues to be sputtered coating services while evaporating, ion milling, RIE, photo lithography and circuit fabrication services are also offered.
Tower Optical
TOWER OPTICAL - The leader in waveplates, mini and micro optics and uv microscope objectives. The company carries 12,000 waveplates in stock both mounted and unmounted for immediate delivery. Tower Optical has competitive prices. For a tour of Tower Optical and their capabilities please click on this link
XIA has a strong R&D team that invent and develop advanced digital data acquisition and processing systems for x-ray, gamma-ray, and other radiation detector applications for a wide range of industry and national laboratories. XIA has both low cost OEM cards for handheld and benchtop applications, to standalone modules for ultra high rate counting at synchrotrons. Their UltraLo alpha-particle counter achieves background rates below 0.0001 alphas/cm2.
Carl Zeiss
CARL ZEISS - Many years of experience in the development and manufacture of diffraction gratings make Carl Zeiss the right address for diffraction optics. The technical basis of production are holographic exposure systems and ultra-high-precision ruling engines which offer multiple possibilities of modification.